You Really Want To Offer Employee Benefits But...

  • It’s overwhelming.

  • There are so many options.

  • What do I even choose.

  • It’s too expensive.

  • It's too complicated.

  • It’s too time consuming.

  • Employee’s won’t participate.








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About Missy Widucki

Missy has lived in Wisconsin for many years, she has a daughter and 4 amazing grandchildren. She has 12 Years as an HR Director shopping Benefit Solutions which has helped shape her 11 years being a Benefits Counselor in the employee benefits industry. Over the years, she has helped to implement employee benefits with 100's of businesses throughout Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Missy is backed by our team of industry experts.

"I help you build and design your unfair competitive advantage that your

employees will LOVE and your

competition will HATE."

Missy W.

Available Services

How They Work?

Traditional Brokers will typically work with their clients to put benefits in place that tick the following boxes, we call this doing the "status quo". Tell us if this sounds familiar:

Choose Your Insurance

They bring you a spreadsheet of options and you have to decide what to do, may as well blindfold yourself and pick one.

Costs Go Up

Every year with traditional benefits, the costs are guaranteed to go up. And you never quite know why because there is no transparency into the plan you picked or how claims are paid.

Employees Feel Robbed

Even if their employer is covering the employee's cost, the family is usually out of pocket... not to mention the deductibles, co-pays, and annual out of pocket amounts.

Why Choose The Benefit Doctor?

We take you through a four step process:

1: Help you assess where your at with your current benefits

2: Work together to put a long term strategic plan in place

3: Make it super simple for you to implement the benefits

4: We check with you regularly to make sure the benefits

are actually doing what you want them to

If benefits were built like a house, we think it would look something like this:

Serving clients with 30 + employees in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

While our focus is on larger groups, if you are smaller than 30 there are still solutions for you too. They will just be limited due to your size.

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